Dog Supplies: List of everything you need for your new dog

Article written by Nancy Settecasi

Don’t get ripped off by neighborhood pet stores. Do your homework before you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on dog supplies. You can save alot of money be reading this article and taking advantage of discount prices online.

There is a list of dog supplies every new puppy needs in order to live comfortably in his new home. Be aware that some dog supply stores may take advantage of you and recommend all sorts of items that are cute, but not necessary. If you feel the need to spoil your dog, then go for it. On the other hand, if you just want the bare necessities, for now, this is the list of supplies you’ll need. This list lets you know what types of supplies are most recommended. For a great selection of dog supplies at a discount price, visit:

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Bite-sizedtreats (scooby snacks). If nothing else, be sure you have your bite-sized treats. This is the single most important “dog supply” to have for your new puppy. This is your key to housebreaking and obedience training. How can you possibly train your dog without a reward for good behavior? Lamb Liver Treats 21 Oz. Liver Treatscome highly recommended.

Food and water bowls.The best option for your dog’s food and water bowls is stainless steel. Plastic bowls are not recommended due to a substance in the plastic that is toxic to your dog. Ceramic bowls, although cleverly designed to attract the consumer, are very delicate and usually crack and chip. No-Tip Stainless Steel Bowl is great for dogs with floppy ears. It keeps their ears from dipping into the water.

A collar or harness.Collars come in all shapes and sizes. Be sure to select a collar or harness that is suitable for your dog’s size. You should be able to fit 2 fingers under the collar comfortably. Check periodically to see if your dog’s collar is getting tight. This will happen due to growth but it can also happen if your dog’s fur is getting long and bushy. This is one of the dog supplies which should be monitored periodically.

A retractable leash. Dog supplies such as retractable leashes are great because they allow your dog to move freely without feeling the choking effect of a regular leash. It will encourage him to walk at a normal pace as opposed to dragging you down the street because he doesn’t feel the resistence of a standard leash. Of course, a well-trained dog should never yank the leash when taken out for a walk regardless. It also allows you to lock it into a short leash for training purposes as well.

A crate. Crating your dog comes highly recommended by dog breeders as well as veterinarians for several reasons. The obvious reason, of course, is for training purposes. They work great because they give you a place to confine your dog when you can’t keep an eye on him. Also, puppies (as well as adult dogs) are always looking for a secure hideaway where no one can bother them while they sleep. They love crates for this purpose. It also gets your dog used to confinement when it comes time to travel with your dog. He won’t have a problem being placed in a carry-on kennel. This is a dog supply you can’t do without.

A dog bed. When you purchase a dog bed, be sure that your dog will fit comfortably in it. Have him try it out for size. It shouldn’t be too small but it shouldn’t be too big either because if they feel too much space around them, they just don’t feel that sense of security. This is where he will spend most of his quiet time therefore you should make it as comfortable as possible.

Chew toys: Chew toys are just as important as “scooby snacks.” Chew toys will play a valuable role for your puppy because puppies are notorious for being “chewing machines.” They will chew anything they can sink their teeth into. Get my drift! Find chew toys that grab your dog’s attention (experiment!) and this will be a great starting point for keeping your dog’s teeth off of your favorite pair of shoes. Tuffies Toy Jr’s Ring Tuffies Toy Ring

Bones: Nylar bones are the best bones for your dog because they don’t create sharp breaks that can injure your dog’s mouth and they come in different flavors. They are also easiest on your dog’s teeth. When this type of bone becomes less than half its original size, this would be a good time to replace it. Another great option is Greenies Barx Sticks Mini Me Greenies

If you have a small dog and travel often, one other dog supply you may want to look into is a carry case for your munchkin. There are many designs to choose from which will compliment your handbag or luggage!

Therefore, before you go out and buy dog supplies, do a little research first. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save with a little knowledge under your belt.