Dog Grooming is Vital to your Dog’s Health and Happiness

A well-groomed dog is a happy dog. Keep in mind that Dog grooming is important for hygiene and health. Yes, a dog’s health CAN be affected by improper grooming or lack of grooming. If not properly groomed, dogs are suseptible to getting skin rashes, ear infections, fleas and ticks, along with a host of other types of hygiene-related problems. Dog grooming is a serious issue. All dogs, regardless of their breed, need grooming to be a part of their dog care regimen.

“Grooming” is not just about Fifi’s trip to the groomer resulting in big poofs and bows, polished nails, smelling good and looking all pretty. There is a bigger picture to dog grooming. Dogs should be groomed every one to two weeks, at home, depending on how dirty or smelly they get. The number of times dog’s get groomed will also depend on the size of the dog, whether he stays indoors or outdoors and the condition of his playground. Basically, if he’s dirty or smelly, he should be bathed. And once he’s being bathed, you should tend to his eyes, ears and nails and always spot check the skin under his coat, especially if he’s been scratching. Paying a little extra attention to your dog’s hygiene will keep him clean and healthy and will keep you from having to deal with avoidable veterinary bills. And believe me, veterinary bills can get pretty exhorbitant.

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